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The goal of WikiDent is to provide a central location for all information related to dentistry. The goal is far reaching but within reach, with the assistance of everyone. Wikident is powered my MediaWiki and allows anyone to contribute to the information contained here. Please register here and try to tell us something about yourself on your User Page. Below I have outlined a few guidelines to follow:

Article Pages

This is the main page for each topic and may define and elaborate on the topic. Please keep Article pages objective and provide references as much as possible.

See the Pubmed page on how to cite references.

Subjectivity is not discouraged and is welcome on any Discussion page attached to the article. Discussion pages are a good location to discourse regarding differences of opinion or understanding.

Discussion Pages

This is the location for discussion of topics and do not need to be as organized as well as the 'Article. After discussions are organized, it may be agreed upon to enhance the article page with this information.

We really want to keep article pages clearly organized and avoid the mess that can occur with controversial subjects being modified by every other person.


Please place all Articles in a Category.

The purpose of a category is to organize pages for easier browsing. It is acceptable to place a page in more than one category.

Please be very judicious about creating new categories.

Uncategorized pages can be viewed here.

Additional Help

Please see documentation on wiki usage and configuration.

Until I have more time to contribute...if you have any questions or comments please contact me.